CEO Message

SK Solar City was founded on conviction that solar power is a clean, sustainable free energy source which can be utilized to meet the energy requirement at all level of life and small unit to mega projects. Our fundamental aim is to offer reliable, efficient, intelligent systems with the compatibility in different size making much economical and competitive. SK Solar City is much more than just a solar project designer, developer, and installer of photovoltaic systems as we offer an integrated model for the production of solar electricity to become market leader in the solar products. Today, the challenge facing solar energy is to become independent of subsidies and to produce solar electricity as quickly as possible at competitive prices, with the goal of achieving grid parity. With our eyes fixed on that target, our company has a unique position in terms of competitiveness by optimizing costs by adopting intelligent solutions to enhance grid integration. In this way, SK Solar City has now trusted source in this solartech market. We believe you will enjoy the services of SK Solar City and will help us in improving by giving your valuable feed back.

Col  (Retd ) Khalil Ur Rehman