Company Profile

SK Solar City The right solar systems for your energy needs SK SOLAR CITY is one of the leading solar company providing all range of customized, integrated solar solutions and products to the customers in all sectors. We are a well known source in renewable energy market starting from conception, feasibility, load auditing, designing and execution.

Technical knowledge, skill with quality products and commitments are the key factors leading us to enhance our customer database. Market knowledge, dedicated and well trained professional teams have given us the opportunity to operate as one of the best source in solar solutions for domestic, community, industrial, water pumping and street lights.

We at SK SOLAR CITY believe that solar energy is the most attractive source for generating power especially in our country. The public, at large, have realized that Solar Energy is the best proven and economically viable option in the long run. Key benefits of solar energy systems are as follows;

  • Quick installation
  • Reduction in electricity bill
  • Uninterrupted supply
  • Nominal maintenance
  • Long operative life
  • Low operational cost
  • No additional wiring cost• Low line losses
  • No fuel cost
  • Unattended operation
  • Extendibility at any time
  • Free from noise pollution
  • Improved quality of life
  • Environmental friendly