Water Pumping

Water Pumping Solution

Pakistan being an agro based country has a challenge to meet water requirements for food and fibre crops. Although having conventional resources of water, a lot of agriculturists are handicapped due to load shedding of electricity to run the water pumps.

SK SOLAR CITY provides solar operated stand alone and grid tied solar water pumping systems to help the farmers in meeting the requirement of water. Our designed, integrated and customized solar water pumping systems are economical and reliable for water supply, livestock watering, irrigation and community pumps.

Generate Easy income

If you have livestock buildings, how would you like to make money “inside and out”? Whether filled with livestock, hay or “air”, your building can make money for you on the roof. Not enough roof? You can make seemingly “worthless” ground valuable through solar installations. Simply have us install an agricultural solar system on your property, and you can use the energy you need.

Save your farm

SK Solar City is committed to support farming families to supplement their income with an agricultural solar system. In comparison to traditional agricultural, an agricultural solar system is an investment in the future.

Switch today to solar system

Government has recently given for solar tube wells, incentives are available right now – get them while they are offered as electric rates are only going to continue to rise, raising the value of your investment in solar power. Solar for farms is simply one of the safest places to invest because it’s low risk with a high return and inflation proof.